Breeders of pedigree Tamworth pigs


Welcome to Purely Pork at Ord Mains Farm, Berwick-upon-Tweed, for some of the best locally produced pork and pork products, where traditional native pig breeds are slowly grown in family groups in low density, low stress outdoor conditions. In this way they can live closer to the way that nature intended and exhibit natural behaviour in grass and woodland environments.


The result of this care and attention to detail is bacon, sausages, joints and other cuts of exceptional taste and quality.


Ord Mains Farm keep Tamworth, Large Black and Middle White pedigree pigs, which are native British pigs with a long history and are all classed as rare breeds. Our main breeding stock are registered pedigree Tamworths from the Melody and Jasper bloodlines. We sell quality birth-notified weaners when we have an excess.


We are members of the Mouth of the Tweed Food Group.

For all enquiries please contact:

Melanie Lowdon King or Stephen Lowdon

Ord Mains Farm
TD15 2LZ


Tel : 01289 302954

Mob : 07798 924067


Email : admin@ordmainsfarm.co.uk